Source code: bin_steps/

The concept has been previously detailed in the Pools documentation.

Within the module, there are functions specifically designed to retrieve both the symbolic and numeric representations of a BinStep. For example, for a BinStep labeled 'X10', the function returns the string 'X10' for its symbolic representation, and numerically, it would return the value 10.

Math Helpers

Source code: math_helpers/

The protocol leverages helper functions that implement tree math, optimizing the performance of coin swaps across Bins. At its core, the protocol utilizes fixed-point arithmetic, specifically 128-bit and 64-bit math, to ensure accurate and efficient calculations.


Source code: sources/config.move

The component houses the current global configuration, primarily encompassing accounts designated for DAO activities, pool creation, and emergency operations.


Source code: sources/treasury.move

Keeps the protocol collected fees and allows to withdraw them by DAO account.


Source code: sources/emergency.move

The protocol includes a provision for an emergency pause of all swap and mint operations, which can be activated through a transaction initiated by the Emergency account.

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