• The smart contracts' source code can be found in the Liquidswap repository.

  • The current version of Liquidswap is deployed on the address

  • The latest release tag can be found on the Releases page.

Before we start, create a new Move project so that you can repeat the steps as described here.

Supported networks

The Aptos mainnet and testnet, devnet are currently supported.

For both testnet and mainnet you can use latest tags, for devnet see details.

Add as dependency

To integrate Liquidswap into your project, you first need to add a dependency to your Move.toml

git = ''
rev = 'latest version'

Import Router v2:

git = ''
subdir = 'liquidswap_router_v2/'
rev = 'latest version'

Add the LP coin module as a dependency too:

git = ''
subdir = 'liquidswap_lp/'
rev = 'latest version'

Replace 'latest version' with the actual ones from the repositories.

Next, try compile; you shouldn't get any errors.

Liquidswap's contracts always point to the latest AptosFramework devnet revision. If you encounter issues after adding our dependencies, remove dependencies.AptosFramework completely from your project.

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