Liquidswap V0 Docs

Test Coins

This part works only for testnet/devnet, as on mainnet there is production ready coins should be used!
During the integration, you probably would need test coins, so we prepared a repository containing several coins (USDT, BTC, USDC, DAI, ETH) just for tests.
The existing pools on Liquidswap use our test coins, so it's a good idea to follow standard test coins during integration.
Repository - test-coins
The following test coins are already deployed on the testnet/devnet and can be used in your project:
// Test BTC
// Test USDT
Add as dependency:
git = ''
rev = 'latest version'
Use in your code:
use test_coins::coins::{USDT, BTC};
use test_coins_extended::extended_coins::{USDC, ETH, DAI};


Repository - faucet
Tests coins are available on Aptos testnet/devnet, to get free coins just do calls to faucet or visit Liquidswap DApp.